Frequently Asked Questions

  • What file formats do you support?
    We support a variety of documents, video, audio, images, e-books and archives. See all supported conversion types.
  • What’s the maximum file size allowed?
    An image, document or e-book file should have a size of at most 50 MB.An archive, video or audio file can have a size of up to 200 MB.
  • How many files can I convert at one time?
    You can convert at most 5 files at one time.
  • How can I get the converted files?
    A download link will be displayed at the end of conversion. You can also choose to receive that link to your email.
  • Where do you store the uploaded files?
    All uploaded files are stored on our servers until their conversions are completed, after which they will be automatically deleted.
  • For how long will the converted files be stored on your servers?
    The converted files will be kept on our servers for up to 5 days, after which they will be deleted and you will not have the possibility to download them anymore.
  • Can I convert protected PDF or archive files?
    No, the files should not be protected with a password. The PDF files should also not be protected with any other Acrobat protection method such as the read-only option.
  • Can I convert a file that is placed on another site?
    Yes, just enter the file URL.